Food and Drink in Iguazu

Iguazu Falls Travel: Food & Drink

Part of the experience of traveling is experiencing the food of a new place! At Iguazu Falls you can, in the same day, have breakfast in Brazil, lunch in Paraguay, and dinner in Argentina, so there’s definitely a mixture of culture and food in the Iguazu Falls region. In many of the tour options that we offer you at 01 Argentina Travel Agency, you’ll be saying in the city of Puerto Iguazu, but you’ll still be exposed to the variety and interesting combinations of foods and drinks that the region has to offer.

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The city of Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, has a wide range of restaurants, pizzerias, and bars, but some of the most famous dishes there are made with local fish, particularly goldfish, catfish, pacu and manguruyu.  Another classic local food item is “chipá,” a small muffin-like food that is made of manioc flour and cheese. In Brazil, there’s a similar item called Pao de queijo (cheese bread).  Last but not to least, you’ll be in the land of yerba mate, a typical tea-like drink that is common to the region. The area is home to many important yerba mate plantations.

There are many moe delicious and interesting items to try in this region — book your reservation today with 01 Argentina Travel Agency and explore different tastes, while also exploring one of the most incredible landscapes of the world!

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