Iguazu Falls (Argentine Side)

The Iguazu Falls: Argentine Side

The Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls is located about 17 kilometers from the town of Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. The main routes that can be found in the Argentine National Park are: the lower path, upper path, the devil’s throat path, the San Martín Island path, as well as the Yacaratía and Macuco paths. The Argentine Side, which is larger than the Brazilian National Park, certainly has a lot to offer in terms of walking tours and hiking activities. By traveling with 01 Argentina Travel Agency, you’ll get to experience all these great paths with the help of an expert English-speaking tour guide. Here’s a look at what some of these walking paths.

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The “Lower” circuit is a set of gateways strategically designed to allow for many different views of the Falls , as well as intimate encounters with beautiful corners of the jungle. With the “Upper” trails, you get to access magnificent views of Falls from above, as well as a view of the set of lush islands that form the Iguazu River Delta. The “Devil’s Throat” path offers an impressive mix of sounds and scenery, and allows you to reach the top of the famous waterfall, called the Devil’s Throat.


Join the Fun in Iguazu with 01 Argentina Travel Agency!

Join the Fun in Iguazu with 01 Argentina Travel Agency!

In addition to getting fantastic views of the Iguazu Falls, you can participate in a whole range of activities at the Argentine National Park , from bird watching to jungle adventure tours to ecotourism activities. If you’re interested in ecotourism and exploring the flora and fauna of the Argentine National Park, you can take the ecological jungle train which leads you along the river and through the jungle. There’s also the walking path Macuco, which takes visitors to an area inhabited by monkeys, as well as to the Mauco Arrechea, a waterfall that forms a natural pool of clear water. When you travel to Iguazu with 01 Argentina Travel Agency, we can also arrange for you to participate in some great jungle adventure tours and activities!

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