Iguazu Falls (Brazilian Side)

The Iguazu Falls: Brazilian Side of the Falls

There’s no doubt that the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls offers you an amazing panoramic view. From the various paths and viewpoints of the Brazilian Iguazu National Park, you can see almost all the jumps of the falls! The falls on the Brazilian side are located 28 km outside the city of Foz do Iguazu.

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There are several interesting paths to be explored at the Brazilian Side of the Iguazu Falls. The main paths used to look at the Falls from the Brazilian side begin at a lookout in front of the Falls Hotel and spreads over 1,200 meters on the bank of the Iguazu River. Along the way, you can see different angles of the falls and head down to the walkways that lead visitors right next to the famous ‘Garganta del Diablo’ fall. As if they were facing a large orchestra, visitors are amazed by the sound coming from the waters and discover the privilege to witness this magnificent spectacle of nature.

Explore the Jungle Wildlife of Iguazu

Explore the Jungle Wildlife of Iguazu

There are also several paths that snake around the National Park and let you explore the nature and jungle environment and landscape of the Falls! On the “Poso Negro” path, for example, you can either bike or walk along the 9km trail to appreciate all the great flor and fauna of the Brazilian Natioal Park. On the “Bananeras” path of the national park, you’ll pass by some amazing bird species and also get to embark on a jungle adventure.

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