Adventure tourism in Iguazu falls



Misiones invites you to explore the Misiones rainforest in Iguazu, with its rivers and waterfalls, to put the body in action: cycling, canoping, wet rappelling, trekking, hiking, rappelling and cruises of all kinds by rugged landscapes of forested mountains and natural reserves of great beauty.
If what is sought is adrenaline and excitement, the area offers various adventure tourism activities to connect and interact with nature.
You can enjoy walks along the Iguazu River very close to the incredible falls or horseback riding through the jungle. You can also make sightings of animals, river walks in the light of the moon, jungle bicking, crossing 4×4, etc.

Options sports activities and adventure tourism

There are two clear resources that highly justify the enormous quality of adventure tourism in Iguazu Falls, these are the Atlantic Forest and the Iguazu River. Within these segments, it is possible to find adventure tourism activities in the Iguazu Falls with different risk levels, ideal for extreme sports are enjoyed both by those who possess experience for beginners. Lush, powerful and, in short, unexplained; Iguazu Falls invite anyone who wishes to make different alternatives extreme tourism and adventure tourism. Not only landscapes fascinate anyone who carries out any of the activities of adventure tourism in Iguazu Falls, but also the flora and fauna in their natural settings. A very complete for those wishing to take in one day the best experience of adventure tourism in the Iguazu Falls circuit can start on a 4×4 tour through the subtropical forest paranaense. If this is done through an agency, visitors will have interesting explanations about the fauna and flora of Iguazu National Park.

The best adventure tourism Iguazu Falls

Unusual species of butterflies are the brave people who meddle in adventure tourism in Iguazu Falls and its different natural environments. In addition, the palm trees of palm, pine, ficus, bromeliads, miltoneas, orchids and lignum crowd the place filling it with beautiful and bright colors. A wide range of places to adventure tourism in Iguazu Falls. The tour can be started by the Sendero Yacaratiá and reach the Puerto Macuco, distance, depending on the firmness of the ground, can be short or long. Rafting rubber boat or canoe is one of the activities of adventure tourism in Iguazu Falls by most travelers arriving in Misiones to enjoy a nice vacation. Browse the Iguazu River and cram inside her hurtling down a route of about 6 kilometers is an experience that only extreme tourism can provide. The sound of waterfalls, rainbows rising from the sky and water splashing steadily while the rubber boat moves at full speed … the adventure tourism in Iguazu Falls is something that really no one can miss. A tourism adventure activities in the Iguazu Falls, you have added other altenativas for visits to this natural phenomenon both the Brazilian and the Argentine side, even more exciting. photo safaris in Misiones jungle, visits to the falls at night, trekking, cannopy, rappel, water rides and visits to the Guarani communities are some of the proposals by extreme sports adventure tourism in Iguazu Falls.

Great Adventure

Surely the most impressive Iguazu walk on the Argentine side. Up the river in these specially prepared boats to reach the base of Iguazu Falls and to admire and feel so close.
Swirls, waves and currents caused by falling water adrenaline and lots of excitement to this ride. Unforgettable. In the National Park Iguazú (Argentina), large trucks specially adapted for this ride, take visitors to walk about 6 km in the subtropical rain forest, down to the banks of the Iguazu River, downstream from Iguazu Falls. direct contact with wet Iguazu Falls: there are special boats that take visitors, at high speed, to enjoy one of the most sensational experiences in the region take!
After this incredible emotion, landing is made at the base of the Falls on a walkway connecting, uphill, the lower promenade. This tour can also be started from this gateway, finishing in the top area, with jungle ride.

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