Iguazu falls attractions Wanda mines

Wanda minesThe town is named for a Polish princess famous for her kindness and beauty that lived in the city of Krakow , who sacrificed for their country , throwing the Vistula River to marry Prince not heir to the German throne and also liked gems.
Located 40 kilometers from Puerto Iguazu find the famous mines of Wanda , where is a site of semiprecious stones of quartz, amethyst, agate and topaz
This site allows visitors to appreciate the open or “natural ” as it is commonly referred to in this class which are practically on the face of the earth.

When you get a local directory handles lead throughout the corridor where the semi-precious stones as we recounted the origin and chemical composition .
” In 1976 , the first seam was discovered semi-precious stones in Wanda ” . Apparently , the foundation on which rests the Misiones province was formed in the Tertiary , about a hundred and fifty million years ago, and suffered various lava flows from the center of the earth . When the lava cooled , gas balloons were trapped and formed the basalt bedrock is giving rise to the formation of stones in the region.

As we walk the site in November we surprise with the various colors and shapes of the stones we found. Thus we see stones with hexagonal prisms , bipyramidal and octahedral . In the veins of mines has been discovered Wanda especially amethyst , which has a color almost purple. Also found topaz, agate , jasper and rock crystal .
After visiting the site , is the showroom and sale of gems , semi-precious stones which are transformed for use in jewelry.

In this way we completed our visit to the famous mines of Wanda , where pudemos admire extraordinary work that nature created over millions of years modeling treasures today become bright craft that travel the world.

In the next gallery we show freshly extracted stones and handmade jewelry worked.

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