Adventure tourism in iguazu jungle.

History, traditions, walks, typical dishes and an excursion on board suggest an entertaining circuit that completes the unforgettable visit to the Falls.

Iguazu Forest

Get ready for a day of adventure in the jungle at Iguazu Falls! Travel between different platforms located in the treetops on the 800 meters zipline tour, where you can fly from one tree to another through steel cables. Afterwards, start a trek through the jungle of 900 meters, crossing exotic fauna. Learn to identify the flora, you will find choking trees, parasitic plants, carnations, orchids and palms and many others. Choose between 20 meters of dry rappels or wet yourself by rappelling down a 14 meter waterfall! In addition to the adventure, enjoy the beauty of the spectacular waterfalls and more than 400 species of birds and 2,000 species of plants! Our team of specialized guides will ensure that all participants are safe, well informed and fully enjoy this experience! Finish this excursion of full fun and adventure with new perspectives and respect for the preservation of the environment.


45 minutes journey in 4×4 vehicles to the activity site
Hiking Tour
Tyrolean from suspended platforms
Return to your hotel
It includes

These ecotourism practitioners – as audacious as uninhibited – are allowed to slide in the air, supported by harnesses through a cable linking the tops of four trees. At the end of each stretch, they pass from the slow transit to frantically throw themselves into the providential arms of the instructors, stretched out at the end of the air path. Later, they are able to relax, relieved by the simple rappel test designed alongside a waterfall and a refreshing walk along a mud trail. The narrow path opens in the middle of the skein that binds bromeliads, orchids, ferns and lianas.

Please keep in mind

  • Our experienced guides are always ready to give you instructions, support and safety.
  • Children under 6 years of age, pregnant women and people with physical disabilities can not join this excursion
  • Visitors are advised to bring comfortable clothing, camera, insect repellent and some money

Boat tour

From the pier on the waterfront of Puerto Iguazú, the catamaran Victoria Austral begins its daily two-hour walk, which allows to appreciate the fluvial crossing of the three frontiers from an uncommon perspective. But as soon as it leaves the dock, the bow points upstream of the lower Iguazú River, towards the Falls and its huge symphony of waterfall. There is no time to worry: the boat passes a few meters the Tancredo Neves bridge (which links Misiones with Foz de Iguazú in Brazil) and the captain turns the rudder, with the purpose of resuming the direction towards the mouth. The ship resumes itself in the final section of the Iguazú River, whose waters, which descend enraged to a few kilometers, run smooth and crystalline here. A gentle swirl announces the encounter with the Paraná River, where the subtropical vegetation of the Atlantic forest is strongly stamped on the undulating shores of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.
The intense sunshine illuminates the green hues and in some recesses of the subtropical vegetation highlight the brownish glow of the ravines of basaltic rock. The ship settles in the center of the Paraná and advances in the middle of the coast of Misiones and Paraguay, in the middle of the stunning natural landscape that the Swiss scientist Moisés Bertoni studied for 40 years and reported among his peers. The enveloping silence of the river and the jungle is transferred to the twenty or so passengers, immersed in a stunning observation ceremony without gestures or words. The peace that reigns on the deck contrasts with the party unleashed in the saloon of the ship during the return. Supported by the voices and palms of the audience, the singer intones “Alma, corazón y vida”, “A My Way”, “Cielito lindo” and a Colombian cumbia, and transports his enthusiastic listeners to places too distant from this paradise.

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