Flying over Iguazu Falls on Helicopter

The Brazilian side is possible to live a unique experience flying at a safe distance the famous Iguazu Falls. The flights let you have a majestic view of this geographic wonder of water and jumps.
The sign on Route invited to a unique experience of flying over Iguazu Falls Helicopter . This is one of the many flights that depart daily from the Brazilian heliport and within minutes from the air allow to understand how the jumps are formed and how the Iguazu River then continues its normal course before emptying into the Paraná River.

Charles Rose , the manager of the company Helisul , assured us that the experience is really fascinating, because prudence and not to alter the native fauna flights are performed at a considerable height on the jumps and not , as many think . So the passenger can have a clear , unique vision of the world in this unique landscape.
Once seated in the helicopter and placed safety belts , the propeller began to spin and within seconds we were airborne following up the course of the Iguazu River.
We had just taken off and our cameras and camcorder and were placed on the windows waiting as close as possible to this geographic landmark summoning hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and since the air becomes indescribable.

It’s hard to explain in words . The Iguazu River is almost red because of the amount of sediment that drags his bed and suddenly , it’s like sinking into a big pot to that man named Garganta del Diablo .
The river sinks and a white cloud begins to rise into the sky as the water jumps from one to the other to form the famous waterfalls . From the air, one can see that the whole environment is wild and that both the Brazilian and Argentine side some international hotels that blend with this postcard appear .

The walkways are seen perfectly from the helicopter and it is impossible not to feel proud of the ingenuity of man, to be exactly there, where nature is perfect , installed these great works of engineering.
The route and turns that allow the machine takes a unique perspective on the jumps. A sort of triangle that allows to know in addition to the falls, hits the milestone of the Three Borders (where Brazil , Argentina and Paraguay limit ) and the Itaipu dam , another engineering marvel .

From the air it is possible to see several of the rides that take place in national parks , both the Argentine and Brazilian side , where in addition to jungle treks , gomones different approach to the jumps to perform the ritual bathing with spray these natural water fall showers generated when vacuum .

Fly by helicopter over the falls is a different tour. Lets have a unique vision of this place that has the necessary magic to leave satisfied the most discerning of mortals, who believes even having seen it all .

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