Iguazu falls one of the 7 Wonders of the World

It is “only” a river (albeit with a surprising water flow) moving through the jungle in the border area between Argentina and Brazil. When encountering a natural fracture rocky soil in a relatively flat area one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the world is produced, and a few years ago included as one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
It is not “a” cataract is a complete horizon of cascades and waterfalls (275 in total) in an area of hundreds of meters into the jungle, some of them 80 meters high and emitting a sound that more than a river looks like a sea falling (in normal flow about 1500 cubic meters of water per second) through obstacles between rocks and vegetation.
The waterfall has the shape of a letter “J” inverted and extended. Some waterfalls are spaced in a sector other throat that resembles a giant funnel. Here trembles for water flow and sound.

They are known as Iguazu Falls, and to see them in all its dimensions, you must organize a tour to Iguazu Falls visiting by the two countries (Argentina and Brazil) in their respective national parks on the border on which sits wonder. In Argentina the park is within the province of Misiones, and in Brazil in the Brazilian state of Parana.
The photos below were taken in a recent visit to the falls from both sides, and even among many images, it is difficult to convey the dimension and feel that you can have to see them live. At times one is “surrounded by waterfalls” in all directions, and that is only a portion of the huge waterfalls.
The most impressive area of the falls is the Garganta del Diablo, and the closest way to appreciate it is from one of the viewpoints that reach the edge of the abyss (from the Argentine side there is a long path on platforms and walkways over the river after 20 minutes walking leave us with these views on the veranda).

From other viewpoints on the Argentine side of the falls, they live “from within” walking through platforms on them, and we can show from the top to see the Falls.
One way to live with intensity the falls is through boats that bring you to the very edge of the water falls (inevitable soaked back, but a pleasure to both tropical heat).
The views from the Brazil side are panoramic, and trails lead us as a “pit” that faces the waterfalls on the other side of the river bank.
It is said that while the Brazilian side has the panoramic view of the falls from the Argentine side are explored and cataracts are living through paths over the river, viewpoints and walkways that require long and rewarding hikes, including a which overlooks the stunning funnel Garganta del Diablo.
And in any of the sides, along the paths and viewpoints wanders between the semitropical jungle, and the feeling is overwhelming to the natural spectacle, background sound, and the views are changing every moment to be surrounded by waterfalls all directions.
The water show that is already overflowing, adds the beauty of the jungle, flora, moss, wildlife, butterflies of all shapes and sizes, coatis, monkeys and toucans coexisting in a particular ecosystem. To visit them, certainly our parameters in terms of natural beauty and dimensions of a waterfall will be on a new level, even the definition of “natural wonder” can be a little. The natural beauty in the form of cataracts has one of its best versions at this point in the lush South America, and would not hesitate to confirm.

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