Iguazu falls, the Palmar and Esteros del Ibera

01argentinaArgentina Mesopotamia region

The region comprises the territories along the great rivers of northwestern Argentina. In this vast region we will admire the forests of the north, the southern flood plains and beaches along the Parana River. The regional climate is subtropical so you should take care of this detail to enjoy nature with the dazzling intensity.

Among its main attractions are the Palmar National Park in Entre Ríos Province, which preserves the last copies of the Yatay palm of over 800 years,  the Esteros del Ibera in Corrientes and Iguazu Falls  in Misiones.

The latter two considered heritage of humanity for its historical value and its breathtaking beauty respectively.

The distance from Buenos Aires has to cover some of its attractions over a thousand kilometers so it is advisable to use air transport. You also have comfortable buses suitable for long journeys. The routes are generally adequate and make the journey by car is also an interesting walk if you have time for it. You can find many things along the way from the plane you can not imagine.

Waterfalls, mysterious jungle and amazing animals

Iguazu Falls in Misiones. The abrupt geological fault forces the Iguazu River to plummet from nearly 90 meters high and is a dazzling show for its beauty and causing concern being just steps away from the heat. They have been counted 275 waterfalls at the falls. The largest of these, and perhaps the most impressive is the Garganta del Diablo.
The Iguazu Falls are located inside the Iguazu National Park protects the last area of forest known as the Aboriginal and conquerors 500 years ago. Remember the movie The Mission with Robert De Niro? Part of their sequences were filmed in the surrounding area, especially those, such dramatic when it is thrown to the falls.
Iguazu Airport is also located in a jungle and protected area. Since there is fast moving to the city of Iguazu, a starting point for your excursions around the region. Iguazu is a town bordering Brazil, has given good accommodation and services. Its proximity to Brazilian and Paraguayan cities means you can enjoy your shopping plaza and shopping malls with very convenient prices.
In the Iguazu National Park you have a small train that will take you to gateways that enter the waters of the Iguazu River and come to the edge of the falls. You can also take boat rides along the river, enjoying some of its beaches or hiking through jungle trails. One option you should not miss is spending a few days stay in the middle of natural forest with guides and conservation experts to help you uncover its secrets.
Moconá. A little over 200 kilometers from Iguazú, in the beginning of the Uruguay River have an attractive spectacle that will amaze you, the Moconá. In this case the fault line runs longitudinally river forming a waterfall over 10 meters high and 3 kilometers long. A wall of water you can browse and marvel at his side. If you want you can address excursions from Iguazu to Moconá and wonders both live on your visit.

The Palmar in Entre Rios

The characteristic landscape of this park is a mosaic of palm groves, pastures and groves, interrupted by grasslands and patches of forest gallery that accompanies watercourses.
It presents a gently undulating relief, with low flow streams that flow through it from west to east, ending at the Uruguay river.
On the banks of the Uruguay River and streams, the gallery forest has a dense vegetation, comprising mataojos and mirtáceas as the red guava whose general-characteristic bark is smooth and the family feels cold to the touch develops. Birds typical of these forests are arañeros, as the whistler whose song is heard very often.

The yatay is the characteristic formation of this park. It consists of this elegant palm growing in patches of different density and even-aged specimens. Below a continuous layer of herbs seen, with many notable species for the beauty of its flowers, for example wild petunias and daisies of various types. Some sectors are covered by shrubs of chilcas.

Province of Corrientes

Esteros del Ibera. Undoubtedly, the region of the marshes is one of the most beautiful in the Argentine coast. It is a huge low flooded wetland, ponds, mountains and rivers where life flows naturally and baffled by its beauty and quantity. Very close to the marshes is the town of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, a site practically serving the tourist. There you will find everything you need, accommodation, excursions, guides, food and more. You must consider that the site is remote but have two good options to arrive. One is to contact any of the providers of tourist services in Colonia Carlos Pellegrini deal for them to welcome in Corrientes and move you. The other is to travel to the city of Corrientes and contract services to the colony there. In next article we will tell you more details. Remember you can also ask to our email.

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