Tips for visiting Iguazu falls and Salta and Jujuy


5 tips when planning a trip to Iguazu Falls

1- How many days go?

You enjoy Iguazu Falls will take at least 3 day & 2 night Iguazu tour package because the visit of the Falls on the Argentine side takes a whole day and Brazilian, medium side. If you want to spend two days in Argentina, remember to seal your input to the output of the first day, so you only pay half the next day.

2- When traveling?

All year round you can visit the Falls, but note that:
• There are different seasons with mass influx of tourism, both nationally and internationally: Easter, July school holidays and New Year.
• Winter is irregular, so they should not miss in your luggage, no shelter, no swimsuit …
3- What to visit?

• The Iguazu National Park (Argentina) or Argentine side of the Falls: Offers various circuits that allow us to appreciate the falls from different perspectives.
• The do Iguaçu (Brazil) National Park or Brazilian side of the falls: It offers a panoramic view of the falls.

4- What to wear?

• Valid passport because it depends on which side the hotel is located (Brazil and Argentina) will cross the border to go to one of the parks.
• Take bug spray.
• On the ride to the Falls on the Argentine side quite walking, so it is important to wear comfortable shoes.
• Hot days bring water and a hat for sun protection.
• If you make a boat tour (Great Adventure, Nautical Safari etc.) will soak your clothes. Bring a spare shirt.

5- How to move from one place to another?

• The distances are important. We must provide transfers to and from the airport and from the hotel to and from the two national parks. Public transportation is low frequency, so you will lose valuable time. It is preferable to hire the shuttle in advance. Package tours are a good choice; including transportation, hotel and park tickets (check so be it).

5 tips for planning a trip to northwestern Argentina

1- How many days go?

If you go with a tour package to Iguazu, Salta and Jujuy  and want to visit the most important in the region, ideally you should spend a week. If you go on your own, backpacking, I suggest two weeks.

2- When traveling?

Northern Argentina can be visited all year, but preferably between April and November to avoid the intense heat and humidity. At night it cools much so it is essential to wear warm clothes in any season you travel. Between December and February it should be added because it usually rains rainwear.

3- What to visit?

The points captive region incredible landscapes, traditions, tastes and music are:

Salta Area
Humahuaca (Purmamarca, Tilcara) and San Salvador de Jujuy
Calchaquíes Valleys (Cachi, Molinos, Cafayate)
Tafi del Valle
Some begin the circuit Tucumán and go up on the map; others begin Salta. It depends where you come from. If you’ve previously visited Iguazu Falls Salta should you start, as there is a direct flight between the two tourist spots, thanks to the northern corridor that opened Aerolineas Argentinas.

4- What to wear?

Hat to protect, sunscreen and always have a bottle of water to hydrate
Comfortable, closed shoes and water resistant
Mosquito repellent
As we said before, warm clothes for the night and if you are traveling in the austral summer rain gear because it is rainy season.
Do not worry too much about the issue of altitude sickness or altitude sickness. While it is true that to reach the North the body experiences feelings of dizziness, as the days gets used and whether trips to places that are too high are made, usually the tour companies offer coca leaves to chew. These are really effective and a great time offset by the effects of altitude sickness.
Camera, camcorder

5- How to move?

In particular car or tour bus. The routes by which it passes are not built on valleys and over 3000 meters high.

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