Ecotourism in the Iguazu Falls


The indescribable landscape of Iguazu Falls is an inexhaustible ecotourism adventures stage. In addition to stunning waterfalls that have given world-famous Iguazu National Park has a great ecological wealth, with exotic flora and fauna of the Parana forest.
In the various areas of this vast nature reserve there are many walks and activities ideal for lovers of ecotourism and adventure. Surprised, learn, have fun and loving nature: all this and many other emotions are secured in the magical setting of the Iguazu Falls.

Ecotourism activities in the Iguazu Falls

Macuco Safari:

An unforgettable way to discover the ecological wonders of Park Falls is Macuco Safari, a tour of three kilometers through the jungle to reach the falls. With a specialized orientation guide, the route has sections on foot and on raft, spotting native birds, amazing bromeliads and many other examples of the ecosystem of the region. The safari is conducted daily, with departures every ten minutes from the Rodovia das Cataratas kilometer 25.

Raft trips:

A classic walk in the park of Iguazu is the raft ride to the foot of the falls themselves. Those who prefer to live a landscape rather than contemplate, will not lose the opportunity to get wet with the waters of the falls in an exciting and fun tour. The raft trips cost about 30 reais. Yes, we must prepare to be soaked!

Bird Park:

In the midst of highly endangered, the Park Avesinvita to know the various species of native birds that inhabit this rich ecosystem. Birds and other species in the park are open nurseries, enabling visitors to learn about how animals live in their natural environment. The Bird Park is located in Foz do Iguacu, on the Rodovia das Cataratas, km 17.1.

Scenic flight:

The most incredible view of the Iguazu Falls is obtained undoubtedly helicopter flying over the waters. In the National Park there are companies dedicated especially to helicopter rides over the falls, offering programs with different duration.


Rapid rivers that form around the falls are a paradise for lovers delrafting. In the Park Iguazú is a special two-kilometer circuit, which runs on rubber boats group where all passengers must paddle cooperatively to advance the adventure. Adrenaline and natural beauty combine in this spirited proposal.


A calmer but of great cultural and ecological interest alternative is the Ecomuseum of Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant, the largest in the world. The museum traces the history of the construction of the plant and provides information on environmental studies in the region, offering an educational and consciousness-raising ride.

Excursions to the Wanda Mines:

From the start Iguazu Park attractive excursions to the Wanda Mines, a major site of semiprecious stones set on the banks of the Parana River, about 40 kilometers from the Falls, in the province of Misiones Argentina. There you can enter the mines and see exotic specimens bright and colorful gems, as well as visiting showrooms and shops with jewelry and accessories made from raw materials from mines.
Live some of the magic of Iguazu Park before your trip through this video with images taken during the helicopter ride over the falls.

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