Five great experiences in Iguazu Falls

Iguazu falls

The Iguazu Falls are one of the natural wonders of the world. One of the inescapable to perform both Argentina and Brazil catwalks. In fact, the border between the two countries crosses la Garganta del Diablo, horseshoe where the higher flow rate falls, and the place where nature provides one of the most impressive performances on a global scale. The Iguazu Falls are a destination that requires more than one day visit, an opportunity to submit to a series of unmissable experiences described in a list of 5 items to take note, and of course, shoot the urge to travel to paradise tropical like few.

1. Browse extensive walkways and see the falls from all angles.

Although there are various ways to see and appreciate the falls (in rubber boats, helicopter) is probably no better option than walking the catwalks built around the falls. The paths and walkways are plentiful, and are specially designed to resist corrosion and water power without damaging the environment. Cross them is a real adventure to go into a natural wonder and explore it from countless angles. Gateways usually end in viewpoints for taking good photographs and above all, marvel at such beauty. There is a lower circuit catwalks, which allows us to observe from below the falls without any risk, rather than wet our and fun.

2. Approaching the Devil’s Throat

From the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls and after making a trip on a tourist train, you reach the Devil’s Throat, the sector of waterfalls horseshoe, and the most impressive corner of the Iguazu Falls. To get an idea of ​​the power of water, in the heart of Iguazu Falls waterfalls can generate steam rising, and you can see up to 7 miles away. It is precisely in the devil’s throat where cataracts may shudder with its noise and power, with falls from 80 meters. The experience of approaching the Devil’s Throat is unmissable and unforgettable, and we can get to being only 50 meters away.

3. An encounter with nature and the forest.

Both the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side, the area is declared as a National Park. The show visiting Iguazu Falls is not only the opportunity to meet with a natural wonder of forest and water, but also observe the fauna and flora itself with its enormous biodiversity. Between 2500 km² both parks are added, and you can see dozens of plant and animal species, among which are so easy to see the cute coatis, colorful toucans, lizards. Also, do not miss other examples of wildlife harder to see, like the jaguar, tapir, anteater or alligators.

4. Appreciate the falls on full moon nights.

If missing deploy another variant to meet the Iguazu Falls, another way to appreciate, this is probably the night tour, another tour organized in full moon nights. In total, five nights a month where depending on departure times of the moon walks are organized by travel agencies. The walks are done with guides and in small groups. Is not just a show night walking next to the falls (performed by the circuit gateways Garganta del Diablo, the Argentine side) but also an experience beyond the jungle walking silently through the night.

5. And showering luxury rides gomones

And now, the most adrenaline visit to the falls is the raft trips, allow us to feel and experience the falls from a completely original way: sail, close to the waterfalls, soak in the steam and spray, shake with the overwhelming sound near the throat of the devil, by browsing “fast” defying the water potential. It is an adventure in itself.

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