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The ecotourism project, called “Ruta de la Selva”, comprises six departments and ten municipalities in the province of Misiones. The aim of this project is to preserve the fragile biodiversity of the area threatened by the hundreds of thousands of tourists who come every day to visit the Iguazu Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world.
According to Fabio Zapelli, undersecretary of Ecotourism in the province, “the eco region that determines the path of the Jungle is to enhance sustainable tourism, which coincides with the green corridor and integral areas. We have over 60 public and private protected areas corresponding to 1,700 thousand hectares sustainable. ”
“We have the obligation to construct an additional attractions to the Iguazu Falls, to promote tourism at the provincial level and offer a more complete product to the thousands of tourists who visit us,” has added Zapelli.
The Ruta de la Selva comprises Yaboty Biosphere Reserve; Esmeralda provincial parks, Araucaria, Cruce Caballero and Piñalito, and Iguazu National Park, among other places and regions.

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The Iguazu Falls is an impressive natural spectacle located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. Given its unparalleled beauty were declared Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Located on the Argentine side in the Iguazu National Park, in the province of Misiones, and within the Parque Nacional do Iguacu, State of Parana, Brazil side, have a wide variety of hotels and many activities for tourists of the entire world that arrive daily to meet these Falls named as “the seventh wonder of the world.”

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