Tours to the Jesuit ruins of san Ignacio

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The Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio are an unavoidable trace of the epic of the Jesuits, which had its abrupt end by order of Carlos III, after 200 years of evangelization and missionary education in this land. Land of history, legends, magic and mystery.

San Ignacio Ruins

San Ignacio Mini

Tours to the San Ignacio RuinsThe ruins of San Ignacio Mini are a constant pilgrimage center in the province of Misiones. According to the writers that has narrated the story, the priests José Cataldino and Masceta Simon had founded in 1610, in the region of Guayrá (Brazil), the reduction of San Ignacio Mini, along with others that, in 1631, would constantly besieged by hunters Portuguese slave (Bandeirantes). Only the town of San Ignacio and of Our Lady of Loreto survived the attacks, emigrating in 1632 and established the River Yabebirí, in the present province of Misiones in Argentina.
San Ignacio Mini would be established at the site of the ruins where they remain today in the year 1696. Subsequently, all reductions, including this one, would be destroyed by the Paraguayans in 1817 and totally restored in the 1940s, a situation that can currently be appreciated.
Today, the ruins of San Ignacio Mini are holders of significant value in the province of Misiones, and they are considered a significant part of history and a remarkable tourist attraction.
The ruins of San Ignacio Mini were declared Provincial Historic Landmark in 1969, a National Historic Landmark in 1983, and World Heritage Site in 1984.

Our Lady of Loreto

Tours to Argentina Once settled in Misiones, this reduction was noted for holding the first American printing and a large library, and for its productive diversity. On this Jesuit site stands the temple, where are buried the remains of Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, while other significant elements are the remains of the Chapel of Our Lady of Loreto.


Santa Ana
The first foundation of the Jesuit Guaraní town of Santa Ana dates from 1633 in Brazil. Following the invasion of Bandeirantes was shifting until in 1660 is based on the final site. It retains one of the most voluminous architectural remains. It is a Provincial Monument since 1969; and a National one since 1983 and a World Heritage Site since 1984.

St. Mary Major

Tours to San Ignacio RuinsThe reduction of Santa Maria is the only team from the West Coast Jesuit Uruguay River which retains architectural ruins. It exhibits walls of large size and excellent resolution technique, remains of chapels, embankments, ditches and roads. It is a remarkable state of preservation of the remains of the residence, workshops and temporary temple, since the original was destroyed by fire in early S XIX.
It is a National Monument since 1945 and a World Heritage Site since 1984.

San Ignacio Ruins are open to the public daily from 7:00 to 19:00

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