Cultural tours in Iguazu Falls


House of Bottles

Cultural tours IguazuHouse made ​​entirely of plastic bottles and recycled materials , built by Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family. Its walls were made ​​from 1200 plastic bottles, its ceiling with more than 1,300 cartons of Tetra Pack, its doors and windows of about 140 boxes of CDs, in addition to being fully furnished with recycled items – Every day from 8.30 am to 18.30 pm ( inv ) and 8-19 pm (view) – Tel: 15524270/15542981 .

Image of St. Mary Iguacu Patroness of the Diocese

St. Mary Falls is the name of the patron saint of the Diocese of Puerto Iguazú. It is a size dark wood itself near the cancharana . Current image was made by artist Rodolfo Allou , and depicts a peasant woman has her child .

Tourism Yyryapú Guarani – Aldea Yryapú

Walk through the jungle interpretation , natural and cultural heritage Guarani . Exhibition and sale of crafts, and presentation of indigenous choirs Yryapú Village . Every day from 8.30 am to 17.30 pm – Tel: 15674377 .

Diocesan Shrine of Divine Mercy

Opened on June 17, 2011 , on the occasion of the celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the Diocese of Puerto Iguazú , is a place of prayer and pilgrimage for devotees of Jesus Divine Mercy. It preserves the relics of St. Faustina Kowalska , Polish religious messages received Jesus on the divine mercy and a chasuble , priestly ornament that was used by Blessed John Paul II , both relics donated by the Archdiocese of Krakow , Poland.

Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Carmen

Its origins date back to 1936, going on to have the rank of Cathedral in 1986 to the Diocese of Iguazú created. Hand Obispo current general parts that show as is currently attending and tourists and worshipers were performed daily .

Sanctuary of St. Mary Falls

El Santuario Nuestra Señora Del Iguazú is immersed in the middle of the forest itself that beautifies the Iguazu Falls. In a mystical and completely rural environment is a small chapel which is dedicated to St. Mary Falls and treasured inside a cross on a vine and a Christ carved by Mr. Allou . It also has an amphitheater for 7,000 people.

Ramón Ayala Amphitheatre

Public space where many artistic representations throughout the year are performed in a magnificent setting as that of the three borders and the Iguazú and Paraná rivers.

Village Yryapú – Guarani Yyryapú Tourism

Walk interpretation of natural and cultural heritage Guarani indigenous choirs presenting Yryapú Village , exhibition and sale of handicrafts – Every day from 8.30 am to 17.30 pm – Tel: 15674377 .

Fortin M’Bororé Village – Cuenca del Plata

Cultural circuit in which the members of the Village M’bya Guarani Fortin M’Bororé open the doors of their community to reveal the secrets of the forest and its ancient culture – Every day at 9 and 16 pm – Tel: 421062 / 421458

Selvaviva – Spirits of the Forest

Cultural tours IguazuThis theme park invites you to discover the Missionary Selva penetrating into the deepest secrets of their wonderful worlds : the fish pond , the viewpoint of the birds , the land of the ants , the abode of the spider and the world of butterflies . And at night , accompanied by a specialized guide will penetrate the shadows of the forest to meet their secrets inhabitants in the sound and light show ” Spirits of the Forest” .

Paseo Plaza San Martin and Identity

Traditional heart of the city where you can enjoy an attractive show of dancing waters and admire murals by renowned artists. Free and open .

Artisan’s Lane

Exhibition and sale of handicrafts in the Pedestrian Balbinus Brañas – Every day from 18 to 22.30 . – – Free entry .

Forest Museum Pictures

This museum showcases the life and work of Rodolfo T. Allou , a self-taught artist who worked tirelessly native wood, while proposing a journey through the history of the local community.
Native animals, popular characters , religious, regional legends live in this museum. Daily from 8 to 18 pm

Selva Viva Theme Park

By day, Selvaviva invites you to discover the Misiones forest and their deepest secrets – Every day from 11 to 17 hs .
And at night , you will know your secrets inhabitants in the sound and light show ” Spirits of the Jungle” – Every day at 19 pm – Tel 498202.

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